My current research focuses on (1) static and dynamic program analysis on locality for both sequential and parallel programs and (2) program synthesis for locality analysis. I have broad interests in system software (compilers and operating systems), parallel computing, memory management, and program synthesis.

ALL of my research is public and open-sourced.

Dong Chen (陈 东)

jameschennerd at gmail dot com


1. Program Synthesis for Locality Analysis
    Program synthesis moves programming to a higher level by coding intuitions instead of algorithm details. It also can be seen as extanding compiling with searching, which changes the way we design program optimization passes in compiler. This project is trying to synthesis for static locality analysis.
2. Compiler Assigned Reference Leasing [LCPC'19] [MEMSYS'19] [MEMSYS'20] [ISMM'21]
    Conventional compilers usually optimize cache performance by reducing the memory footprint, as it has limited or no control of the data replacements in cache. This project is trying to enable the fine-grained replacement control by program or compiler with lease cache. A hardware prototype of lease cache and a compiler pass to assign leases for references are designed.Source code
3. Static Sampling for Locality Analysis [PLDI'18] [PPoPP'20-poster]
    This project builds a compiler tool that predicts the cache performance of compiler-time enumerable loop nests statically. The tool constructs a specialized version of the loops to sampling reuse intervals and it is implemented as a LLVM analysis pass. This technique can also be applied to parallelized loops, such as CUDA kernels and OpenMP. Source Code
4. Write Locality [MEMSYS'16]
    This project proposes a locality model for writebacks. As persistent memory has limited write endurance, quantify writebacks from the cache can guide the optimizations for writes. It provides a linear-time algorithm to analyze writebacks for all all cache sizes and a dynamic programming algorithm to minimize the writebacks for co-run program based on sole-run profiling. Source Code
5. OpenCL Performance Portibility [HPCC'13][Euro-Par'14]
    This project targets on different computing devices with different architectures (CPU, GPU, MIC), optimizations to improve performance of OpenCL programs are summarized. A performance concerned code transformation (from fine-grained program to coarse-grained program) is being studied.
Project 1 for now is independent research.
Projects 2,3,4 started before PhD graduation, supervided by (Prof. Chen Ding in University of Rochester).
Project 5 is master's work in NUDT and stopped before PhD.


Selected Publications, the full list can be found in Google Scholar


Books 《The Burnout Society》Byung-Chul Han, 《倦怠社会》韩炳哲
《The Transparency Society》Byung-Chul Han, 《透明社会》韩炳哲
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《Good Entertainment: A Deconstruction of the Western Passion Narrative》Byung-Chul Han, 《娱乐何为》韩炳哲
《In the Swarm: Digital Prospects》Byung-Chul Han, 《在群中:数字媒体时代的大众心理学》韩炳哲
《All God's Children Can Dance》Haruki Murakami, 《神的孩子全跳舞》村上春树
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《The Social Contract》Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 《社会契约论》让-雅克·卢梭
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